How to clean a shower window? Our tips


How to clean a shower window? Our tips

Of all the glass surfaces that get dirty in our home, we find shower glass impregnated with limescale and dirt. So are you part of the “no, it’s just the shower, who cares about those windows” team? “ or “I’m going to have to remove this dirt with bleach and dishwashing liquid”? Between us, none of these options are great. Curious to discover ours? Take a look below.
How to clean a shower window?
Clean the shower windows
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Clean the shower windows. Source: spm
And to say that frequent use of the shower only makes people happy, what about the poor shower walls clogged with dirt? It’s normal, the bathroom is made for that, however it needs impeccable hygiene to be well maintained! Plus, can you imagine the smell it smells when this debris piles up in such a humid environment? The disaster… So don’t panic, when you are armed with robust solutions!

Green tea
Infusion of green tea to clean the shower doors
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Infusion of green tea to clean the shower doors. Source: spm
Like the long Silk Road, this green gold has traveled a long time to reach you. Aside from its health benefits due to its richness in antioxidants and chlorophyll, green tea also has diverse and promising uses! If we tell you that it is the best way to rid your shower walls of washing gel residue and traces of limescale, will you brew a bag of green tea right away? We bet yes because this tip is worth it! We finally reveal this bargain to you…


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