7 hotel tips to keep your bathroom sparkling clean


7 hotel tips to keep your bathroom sparkling clean

The bathroom is a real nest of germs and bacteria. For health and hygiene reasons, it is one of the rooms in the house that must be regularly maintained with great care. Don’t think that a quick, superficial cleaning will be enough to sanitize it. You must be patient to clean it thoroughly. Because, due to constant humidity and frequent use of water, lime deposits and mold are more likely to accumulate, which are responsible for bad odors and difficult-to-remove stains. And isn’t it more pleasant than snuggling in the bathroom or taking a good shower in a healthy and cozy environment?
When you go to a hotel, admit that one question often plagues your mind: What is the hoteliers’ secret to having such sparkling, fresh and fragrant bathrooms? When you enter the room or suite, you systematically take a look and are often dazzled by its cleanliness. Why shouldn’t yours be so flawless?

Tell yourself that a clean bathroom is not only pleasant, it is also safe and hygienic. Here are 7 hotel tips to make it easier to clean and keep it polished, elegant and radiant all the time!

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