How do you clean a very dirty hob?


How do you clean a very dirty hob?

Why does my hob get dirty so quickly?

Even if you’re not what one might call a true “cordon bleu”, spending several hours a day in the kitchen, it’s clear that you use your hob a lot. It will inevitably gradually get dirty, even if you take all the necessary precautions to cook as cleanly as possible. Don’t struggle – it’s simply impossible to cook without ruining your gas stove! Even boiling a pot of water for pasta will cause small drops of salted water to splash onto the griddle. Impossible – and dangerous – to dry them immediately. And over time, they will dry out and leave ugly white marks on your stovetop.

Even stove knobs are not spared. You handle them, without even realizing it, with more or less clean hands, since you are cooking: the fat residues then accumulate on them. Not to mention the fateful dust deposits over time. This dirt, in addition to being unsightly, can be dangerous when in contact with a flame: it is advisable to be vigilant, and all in all rather rigorous, when cleaning your hob. So let’s go back to where we started: you will in fact have to end up cleaning your gas stove, which has become very dirty.

Methods for cleaning a very dirty hob

First, take a minute or two, after each use of your griddle, to clean your stove a little. To make your job easier, always keep a cloth and the right product handy. Therefore, it will always be easier to clean small stains in a few seconds every day, rather than having to clean large, encrusted stains once a month!

Without reaching such extremes of dirtiness, and if despite all your good will, you are unable to keep your gas stove clean on a daily basis, we still advise you not to wait more than a week   between one cleaning and another  .


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