Funeral Potatoes


Funeral Potatoes

What Are Funeral Potatoes?

Funeral Potatoes are a casserole-style dish consisting of hashbrowns and several other ingredients. So, where did the name come from? The meal got its name because it was quite common for people to prepare this recipe and other similar recipes for family gatherings after funerals. You can make these potatoes for all kinds of occasions, including birthday parties and baby showers. Your guests will love the cheesy, crisp taste of the dish. And, if you do not want to call them Funeral Potatoes, another great name for this dish is Party Potatoes!

Ingredients Needed

If you want to make Funeral Potatoes, you will need a few simple ingredients that are easy to find in the grocery store, including:

  • Cubed Hash Browns. Buy a bag of frozen cubed hash browns. You can choose any brand!

  • Cream of Chicken Soup. You will need a single 10.5 oz. can of the cream of chicken soup.

  • Sour Cream. Add sour cream to the dish to make it even creamier.

  • Shredded Cheddar Cheese. The cheddar cheese melts perfectly over the hash browns and other ingredients.

  • Cornflakes. Use cornflakes to add a slight crunch to your potatoes.

You will also need butter, diced onion, salt, pepper, garlic powder, onion powder, and chopped parsley to complete the Funeral Potatoes Recipe.

Can I Use Margarine Instead of Butter?

If you do not normally use butter and do not have it at home to use for this recipe, substitute it with melted margarine. You can still create flavorful Funeral Potatoes using margarine as an alternative for butter in this recipe for Cheesy Potatoes.


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