How to plant a lemon in a cup to perfume the house


How to plant a lemon in a cup to perfume the house

The plants we have at home not only decorate the environment and purify the oxygen we breathe, but they represent us. Those plants that we decide to have inside and outside the home are selected by us for their colors, textures, aromas and in some cases also for their consumption.

Lemon is an exceptional fruit, rich in vitamins and with powerful benefits both for health and for our home. That’s why today  in this article we will tell you how to sprout lemon seed so that you can have this wonderful plant in your home and that it adorns your space and fills it with a rich aroma.Hands on the ground!

take the lemon seeds

For this first task you have several options:  you can take the seeds you discard from the next lemon you eat   and thus transform your  waste into a new possibility of life or buy a packet of lemon seeds.

Whichever way you get your seeds, you should  get a pot or boul to grow them in there and some soil to fill the container you choose. Keep in mind that if you decide to use the seeds of a lemon that you have consumed, it is best to leave them in water for a while to remove the skin that covers them.

germinate the seeds

Once you have the seeds ready to plant, you have two possible options: the first is  to place them directly in the bowl or pot with some soil and place them about 3cm deep from the surface. This method is simpler because you won’t have to transplant when the seed has already sprouted.

The second possible way you have is  to put a thin layer of damp cotton in a cup, on top of the seeds and on top of these another thin layer of damp cotton. If you choose this method you can have more controlled humidity and temperature. Once the seeds germinate, you should take them to the boul or pot with the soil.

How long does it take for my lemon plant to sprout?



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