How to Grow Watermelons in Pots


How to Grow Watermelons in Pots

Learn the art of growing watermelons in pots to maximize garden space, prevent weed intrusion, and deter pests. Cultivating watermelons in containers is not only feasible but can also be a savior, especially when dealing with limited garden space or opting for balcony gardening. Let’s explore the steps on how to successfully grow watermelons in pots or containers!

How to Grow Watermelons in Pots or Containers:

1. The Right Pot or Container:

  • Select a pot or container with a minimum capacity of 5 gallons, ensuring it has proper drainage holes. Watermelons, being large and fast-growing, demand ample space and water drainage.

2. Soil Type:

  • Fill the pot with potting soil or a soilless mix; avoid garden soil as it can compact and impede watermelon growth. Opt for smaller, compact watermelon varieties suitable for containers.

3. Watermelon Varieties Approved for Containers:

  • Choose varieties adapted to container growth:
    • Yellow Watermelon
    • Watermelon Sugar Baby
    • Crimson Sweet Watermelon
    • Early Catalan Watermelon
    • Watermelon Jubilee
    • Dwarf Golden Watermelon
    • Watermelon Jade Star
    • Millennium Watermelon
    • Orange Sweet Watermelon
    • Watermelon Queen of Hearts

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